Students usually find it difficult in understanding the listening module. Here, I am sharing my master techniques to get higher band score.

# Concentrate ! Concentrate! Concentrate!
# Listen to each and every word spoken, even if you may feel it irrespective. The surety of the answers often lies in the words like Yes, Indeed, Interesting, I am sure, It is rare, Quite a few.
# Locate the answers in the speech itself and then match with the written sentences. In this way the chances of mistakes are reduced.
# The answers are usually in the Verb or Noun forms so pay attention to such words.
# Do not write the signs or words, if already mentioned in the question.
# While transferring the answers, check for the articles and prepositions if it is a complete sentence.
More tips in the further session.


Often students find, Reading Module, the most difficult one. But a smart strategy makes it easier. Here are the general tips applicable for all the types of the questions. The detailed techniques would be discussed in the next session.
# To start with, your aim should be to get right answers rather than completing it within the time period.
# Make your own vocabulary from each of the reading passages along with synonyms for better understanding of the language.
# Focus and understand the meaning of the question /s asked.
# Try to locate the answers in the sequence form. It will save your time.
# Look for the synonyms and not for the exact word from the passage.
# Never assume the possibilities. The answer has to be mentioned directly or indirectly.

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Writing Tips (Essay)


  • First of all, make a list of a few adjectives of the general topics of the essay. e.g.: crime, psychology, health, government, economy, and technology.
  • Read the topic and understand what is expected.
  • Do mind mapping for the points of discussion and debate.
  • To agree with either the pros or cons of the essay depends upon the mind mapping points. Eg: If you are having two points of advantage and one point of disadvantage, it is advisable to agree with advantage.
  • Think of believable and authentic examples to prove your point.
  • Pay attention to the conclusion paragraph. It should align with the introductory paragraph.


There are 3 sections in speaking

Section 1 (Personal Questions)
Keep your answer simple and short. Do not beat around the bust to expand your answer.
Maintain the continuity of the answer, i.e answer related to any one topic should not contradict each other.

Section 2 (Cue Card)
Speak for at least 1.45 minutes. The flow of the thought process is of vital importance.
You can either chose your thought process from outside to inside or from inside to outside.
Imagine the hypothetical situation of the topic and express your views.
Instead of using complex sentences try using adjectives
Avoid using redundant words
Practice in front of the mirror with timer.

Section 3 (Follow up)
Speak for atleast 20-25 seconds for each answer
Relate the ideas from the essay topics while answering section 3. It would help you in developing your thoughts quickly
Lastly, stay updated with the current happenings.

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