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Amber IELTS Academy's recognition as the Brand of the Year 2023 celebrates its role in nurturing a new generation of global citizens. Ms. Insiyah, along with her team, provides IELTS training. Enabling students to achieve linguistic excellence instills the confidence to venture into new horizons, broadening their perspectives and embracing the boundless opportunities that await them. The academy recognizes the potential of each individual's communication, personal effectiveness, parenting skills, and youth empowerment.

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Ongoing training and skill development are integral to our commitment to excellence. Our team continually enrols in various certificate courses to stay motivated and current with industry developments.

Nisreen Lokhandwala

Founder / Head Tutor

Edgar Warren

Designer Teacher

Ellice Wolf

Indonesian Teacher

Founder's message.

Ms. Insiyah, IELTS Trainer and a Visa Consultant.

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The word “edify” means to mentor, counsel, and educate. In my recent career as an entrepreneur (IELTS trainer), the primary challenge is to educate the parents of the students aspiring to study abroad. Counseling and mentoring go hand-in-hand with education. There is a dire need to edify the people of our nation and contribute to its development and growth. This inspired me to initiate the global campaign under the hashtag #edifyingyoungminds. I realize that my contribution is just a drop in this vast ocean, but every drop counts! I believe that we only age chronologically, while we always remain young in our hearts and minds. So, let’s embark on this journey together.